Student Presentations

11 January 2018.

PresenterPaper TitleLink
Maksymilian MikaEfficient 3D Object Segmentation from Densely Sampled Light Fields with Applications to 3D ReconstructionPaper
Igor Gajowiak
Band-Sifting Decomposition for Image Based Material EditingPaper
Piotr Szymajda
Rich360: Optimized Spherical Representation from Structured Panoramic Camera Arrays
MichaƂ Zimniak
Learning to Remove Soft Shadows
Bartosz Krzeczkowski
Birefractive Stereo Imaging for Single-Shot Depth Acquisition
Norbert JanuszekCinema 3D: Large Scale Automultiscopic DisplayPaper
Robert KrausKernel Nystrom Method for Light TransportPaper
Michal MartusewiczPiCam: an ultra-thin high performance monolithic camera array