Daedalus Project

I worked on a UK-EPSRC funded project to research the application, to architectural design and planning, of 3D reconstruction and perceptually realistic lighting methods. We will use these to create interactive augmented reality environments (from photographs) which can be realistically re-illuminated and used to visualise the impact of new developments under various lighting conditions. This […]

High-Resolution Relightable Buildings From Photographs

This work proposes a complete image-based process that facilitates recovery of both gross scale geometry and local surface structure to create highly detailed 3D models of building façades from photographs. We approximate both albedo and sufficient local geometric structure to compute complex self-shadowing effects, and fuse this with a gross scale 3D model. Our approach […]

Sound Painting

Generación de Imágenes Foto-realistas Mediante Iluminación Basada en la Imagen

During this project I integrated and compared different sampling methods for efficient Image Based Lighting. The project included manipulation of High Dynamic Range environment maps, implementation of an point-light sources approximation for IBL, and integration of with the Physically Based Renderer PBRT. I reviewed techniques for lighting focus on sampling methods for environment maps, and relighting, which […]


I was co-investigator on the EPSRC-KTA funded Relight project. This project was a collaboration with The Foundry to explore the feasibility of deploying our methods for 3D relightable building reconstruction for modelling outdoor movie sets. Our software was integrated with The Foundry’s industry leading compositing product Nuke and tested by MPC and DNeg with real […]

OpenCL Path-Tracer

Description: In this project, the intern will implement a basic path tracer in OpenCL and C++.  Author: Adam Malinowski Implementation Tasks: Implement a basic path tracer in OpenCL Implement acceleration structures – Octree Collision with simple primitives (spheres, planes, triangle…). Only spheres for now. Requirements C++ (although Python might be considered) English communication skills. Interested […]

Surface Depth Hallucination

Surface depth hallucination offers a simple fast way to acquire albedo and depth for textured surfaces that exhibit mostly Lambertian reflectance. We obtain depth estimates entirely in image space, and from a single view so there are no complications that arise from registering texture with the depth obtained. The user simply takes two photos of […]

Structure From Motion and Intrinsic Images

Figure 1: Left: A 3D point cloud reconstructed from images using Photogrammetry. Right: Result from the method [1] which separates reflectance from lighting. This project involves combining 3D Reconstruction from images (Structure from Motion), and separation of illumination from colour (Intrinsic Images). The student will investigate and implement, (some code already available), image processing techniques […]

Computer Game Piece

Video games provide an interesting framework of rules, actions, events, and user interaction for the exploration of music expression. In this paper we describe a set of computer games designed for group improvisation and controlled by playing musical instruments. The main contribution of our work is the two-way interaction between music and video games, as […]

Real-Time Surgical Simulator

This is a on-going project started by JC Nebel in the Galsgow University and currently followed in Kingston University London. Its aim is to investigate techniques which are necessary to generate, model, and deform 3D data for applications related to virtual surgery.  As part of this project, I developed the first step of a surgical simulator which […]