Conference on Visual Media Production : 2012

Transfer of Albedo and Local Depth Variation to Photo-textures

Francho Melendez, Mashhuda Glencross, J. Starck, G.J. Ward

Loughborough University, The Foundry Visionmongers, Dolby Laboratories

Photo-texture and exemplar of the predominant material (red rectangle), albedo and texture geometry (middle column), enhanced relit 3D model (right).


Acquisition of displacement and albedo maps for full building façades is a difficult problem and traditionally achieved through a labor intensive artistic process.

In this paper, we present a material appearance transfer method, Transfer by Analogy, designed to infer surface detail and diffuse reflectance for textured surfaces like the present in building façades. We begin by acquiring small exemplars (displacement and albedo maps), in accessible areas, where capture conditions can be controlled. We then transfer these properties to a complete photo-texture constructed from reference images and captured under diffuse daylight illumination.

Our approach allows super-resolution inference of albedo and displacement from information in the photo-texture. When transferring appearance from multiple exemplars to façades containing multiple materials, our approach also sidesteps the need for segmentation.

We show how we use these methods to create relightable models with a high degree of texture detail, reproducing the visually rich self-shadowing effects that would normally be difficult to capture using just simple consumer equipment.




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