ACM SIGGRAPH Talks : 2016

Loving Vincent: Guiding Painters Through 64.000 Frames

Lukasz Mackiewicz, Francho Melendez

CeTA, University of Wroclaw

Four different stages of the film process. Left to right: Filmed footage over green screen. Reference composited frame with digital background resembling Van Gogh’s painting. Image projected on the canvas as guideline. Photograph of the final oil-painted frame


In this talk we present our workflow for the first feature length oil-painted animation movie Loving Vincent. The production involved more than 100 painters, which produced near 64.000 paintings. The magnitude of the project required us to designed new workflows and tools for the artists in order to ease their decision making process and reduce their fatigue. We developed a method to produce animation guidelines from the original filmed footage, designed special work stations, and provide the material in several useful forms to the painters. The result of this pipeline is a unique look for the first movie of its kind. We present the insights we learned during this production and the tools and processes specifically developed for this film.




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