3D Filming

Francho Melendez

Univeristy of Wroclaw

A sequence of frames captured using a depth camera.


The project aims to develop a Real3D movie. We will explore film techniques where actors and environment are captured in actual 360 degrees by using camera sensors. This idea aims to develop new tools for editing, processing and combing 3D filmed data. This system will allow the user to explore the 4D world (3D space plus time) and will produce images in real-time for the chosen view and moment.

Filming is typically performed in 2 dimensional space, to be displayed in screens, paper, and other 2D displays. There is a trend, however, on experiencing content in a more immersive way, with the popularization of stereo cinema, 3D displays and TVs, as well as Virtual Reality devices. In particular, virtual reality is becoming a new media to experience content, and has received a lot of attention from big IT companies such Facebook and Microsoft. The content for such devices requires to capture or produce 3D data, This project explores methods to capture real actors in 3 dimensions, so they can be display in immersive virtual reality displays. For that, we propose to use a mutl-RGBD sensor rig, which is able to capture performers in movement from all directions.

Associated Publications