Structure From Motion and Intrinsic Images

Mateusz Bujalski; Francho Melendez;

The main objective of the project is to achieve a working pipeline for producing 3D models with shadowless textures. The second objective is to research improvements about the data that can be captured, trying to include cases like specularity, small detail geometry, etc.


Dariusz Jackowski; Francho Melendez;

The relationship between color and sound have been largely explored during history. The aim of this project was to create a tool that could be useful for musical exploration, as well as a something approachable for kids, fun, and with application in music education and self-expression.

3D Filming

Francho Melendez;

The project aims to develop a Real3D movie. We will explore film techniques where actors and environment are captured in actual 360 degrees by using camera sensors, and develop new tools for editing, processing and combing 3D filmed data.

Photo-realistic Rendering of Human Faces

Maciej Faron; Francho Melendez;

The purpose of this thesis is to make a survey of techniques used in skin rendering, both
in real-time and offline solutions.