Daedalus Project

I worked on a UK-EPSRC funded project to research the application, to architectural design and planning, of 3D reconstruction and perceptually realistic lighting methods. We will use these to create interactive augmented reality environments (from photographs) which can be realistically re-illuminated and used to visualise the impact of new developments under various lighting conditions. This project is led byProf.  Roger Hubbold (AIG) and working closely with Dr.  Mashhuda Glencross (AIG)Greg Ward (Anyhere Software), Rob Rhodes at Napper Architects, and Warwick Digital Laboratory.

During this project, we designed a novel method called Surface Depth Hallucination which offers a simple fast way to acquire albedo and depth for textured surfaces that exhibit mostly Lambertian reflectance. We obtain depth estimates entirely in image space, and from a single view so there are no complications that arise from registering texture with the depth recovered. Further information, examples and videos can be found here

Resulting the investigations carried out during this project we developed a complete system for building reconstruction from images. Further details can be found here.