Digitizing the Real World

Course description:
Capturing realistic 3D models of real objects and humans is of great interest for many disciplines and industries including video-games, film, architecture, marketing, and art.

This course will present different methods, hardware, and algorithms for digitizing geometry, material properties, motion, and lighting, as well as different ways to represent, edit, and reproduce these inside the computer. The course will combine the fundamentals of different aspects of digitizing reality with the presentation of industrial standards and state-of-the-art research.

  • 3D Scanning, Structure from Motion, Photometric Stereo, Shape from Shading.
  • Reflectance Capture, and Texture mosaicking.
  • Lighting Capture HDR Imaging
  • Motion Capture

References and interesting sites:







C/C++. Basic Algebra. Computer Graphics and Image Processing will be useful.