Loving Vincent: Guiding Painters Through 64.000 Frames

Lukasz Mackiewicz, Francho Melendez; ACM SIGGRAPH Talks; 2016;

In this talk we present our workflow for the first feature length oil-painted animation movie Loving Vincent. The production involved more than 100 painters, which produced near 64.000 paintings.

Computer Game Piece: Exploring Video Games as Means for Controlled Improvisation

D Jackowski, Francho Melendez, A Bauer, P Hendrich, C Duchnowski; Proceedings ICMC | SMC; 2014;

We investigate the different challenges involved, such as finding adequate game controlling events, provide enough expressive freedom to musicians, correct playing speed and game complexity, and different artistic expression forms.

3D Reconstruction from Images

Francho Melendez; Modelling and Identification Algorithms for Emerging Applications in Data and Signal Processing;Lodz University of Technology Press; 2014;

This paper is an introduction to the problem of 3D reconstruction. We discuss some of the problems and existing techniques for inexpensive creation of 3D models using photographs, with focus on large outdoor scenes.

Transfer of Albedo and Local Depth Variation to Photo-textures

Francho Melendez, Mashhuda Glencross, J. Starck, G.J. Ward; Conference on Visual Media Production; 2012;

In this paper, we present a material appearance transfer method, Transfer by Analogy, designed to infer surface detail and diffuse reflectance for textured surfaces like the present in building façades.

Relightable Buildings from Images

Francho Melendez, Mashhuda Glencross, Gregory J Ward, Roger J Hubbold; Eurographics (Areas Papers); 2011;

We propose a complete image-based process that facilitates recovery of both gross-scale geometry and local surface structure to create highly detailed 3D models of building façades from photographs

High-resolution relightable buildings from photographs

Francho Melendez, Mashhuda Glencross, Gregory J Ward, Roger J Hubbold; ACM SIGGRAPH Talks; 2011;

We present a quasi-automatic image-based building reconstruction system that recovers fully relightable models by approximating both albedo and sufficient textured surface detail to reproduce complex self-shadowing effects.

Modelling Appearance and Geometry from Images

Francho Melendez; PhD Thesis; 2011;

This thesis investigates the acquisition of high-quality models from images, using simple photographic equipment and modest user intervention. The main focus of this investigation is on approximating detailed local depth and appearance, obtained using a new image-based approach, and combining this with 3D geometry.

A Perceptually Validated Model for Surface Depth Hallucination

Mashhuda Glencross, Gregory J.Ward, Francho Melendez, Caroline Jay, Jun Liu, and Roger Hubbold; ACM Transactions Graphics; 2008;

Using only a standard digital camera and a single view, we present a method for recovering models of predominantly diffuse textured surfaces that can be plausibly relit and viewed from any angle under any illumination.

Generación de Imágenes Foto-realistas Mediante Iluminación Basada en la Imagen

Francho Melendez; Master Thesis; 2006;

During this project I integrated and compared different sampling methods for efficient Image Based Lighting. The project included implementation of an point-light sources approximation for IBL I also reviewed the state of the art in image based lighting.